Greenway Courier has been purchased by Deeleeo!

Were you a Greenway customer?

An easy transition awaits.

All former active Greenway customers' pricing and delivery schedule will be kept the same unless otherwise agreed upon. Furthermore, all former Greenway customers must submit delivery requests via the Deeleeo portal from now on. (click the link below to register and submit deliveries). 

Upon signing up, please enter a payment method and allow 24 hours for your pricing and pickup/drop off schedule to be configured in your Deeleeo account.

Need deliveries done today?

For one day only we will submit deliveries on your behalf.

How to get your deliveries done today:

  • Click here
  • DOWNLOAD this template as a Microsoft Excel file (do not input directly on this template file link)
  • Input all delivery information
  • Send your completed excel file to 

**If you have deliveries schedule in Greenway portal past Feb 28, 2023 then you will need to submit them again via the Deeleeo portal.**

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